Connect supporters and donors to outcomes
Seamlessly connecting teams and breaking down siloes

Build integrated collaborative systems that streamline processes and reduce inefficient data collection between field staff and supporter facing teams.

  • ​User-friendly interface
  • Photo recognition software
  • Automated translation of surveys
  • Real-time data processing
  • Automated workflows
  • Quality data​
  • Partner onboarding
  • Security access management
Impact reporting and change stories

Seamlessly report your impact to supporters and regulators. Capture, store, process and access quality structured and unstructured data to easily produce change stories to inspire new and existing donors.

  • ​Easily find and access relevant data
  • Produce relevant campaigns
  • Automate compliance and impact reporting
Improved Traceability of Programs and Disaster Management

Significantly improve compliance management of programs and disaster teams. Make it easy to transmit, automate and track program documentation and expenditure.

  • ​Easy document upload
  • Automatically transmit the latest document revisions to relevant stakeholders​
  • Version control & audit trails
  • Fast & secure communication
  • Approval workflows
  • Budget and actuals reporting

“​ECLEVA has been an enormous facilitator for us. They bore the willingness to understand the practice and the mission of our organisation being able to look at the way and scape of an organisation such as ours and be able to pick what we need to think about to be better in what we do and they’ve done a wonderful job.”

Baptist World Aid Australia

– John Hickey, CEO

Deploying a grants and donations management solution for Baptist World Aid

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ECLEVA Customer Testimonials: Baptist World Aid (60 seconds)

Baptist World Aid Australia is a Not-for-Profit Christian organisation, committed to empowering the world's poor to lift themselves out of poverty.

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